• The Nightingale Touch

    The Nightingale Touch

    Nursing care is the backbone of any hospital; the better the nursing care, the better the hospital – this is an accepted fact in healthcare.

    The Joseph Fraser Memorial Hospital, or The Fraser, which specializes in obstetrics and gynaecology, as well as paediatrics, has some of the finest nurses in the field. A complaint book full of compliments from delighted patients and other healthcare institutions vying to offer Fraser nurses employment illustrates this point. But they usually choose to remain with The Fraser because they are satisfied. While it’s true that doctors provide the medical expertise that’s indispensable, the 24-hour care and comfort duty falls squarely on the shoulders of the nurses and other support staff of a hospital. Therefore, this healthcare institution believes that content and competent nurses are the key elements in patient welfare.

    Joseph Fraser Memorial Hospital was founded at the turn of the 20th century by the widow of Joseph Fraser, a distinguished planter. It is the result of her labour of love to celebrate and remember his contribution to society. A non-profit trust since 1923, The Fraser remains true to the founder’s intentions to this day. Although a small family nursing home until the mid-90s, it has since evolved into a dedicated facility for “Ladies a Babies”. This has come about because the environment is eminently conducive to this cause, and it was better to focus on what The Fraser did best rather than try to compete with the big hospitals catering to all specialties.

    The Fraser has now been expanded with three new private labour suites, two new operating theatres, including a High Dependency Unit (HDU) and a Paediatric High Dependency Unit (PHDU). This healthcare facility also has six luxury rooms and a luxury suite all equipped with luxury beds, cable TV, fridge and phone. All rooms are air-conditioned and boast more interior space than any other hospital. The suite and one super luxury room have private rear verandahs opening out to individual rear gardens. Perhaps the reason for The Fraser to survive for over 90 years as a small hospital is because it never lost sight of the intentions of its founders, while many other notable private hospitals founded by dedicated doctors and philanthropists have paid the price of commercialization. As long as there are enough discerning patients who know the difference between good and bad nursing care, The Fraser will continue in its care giving journey.

    Whatever happened to the family physician who kept people healthy for centuries and whose clinical experience was priceless with relatively simple medication that had no side effects? It’s hardly possible to find any pharmaceutical today without contra indicators – the medically correct term for side effects. While equipment, diagnostics and all other mechanical paraphernalia are essential and incidental to good patient care, the best equipment is of no use unless it’s in well trained and capable hands. Only people have the heart to provide genuine love and care, which is why The Fraser believes that affectionate nursing can never be substituted.

    The author is not a writer, simply the delegate following the founder’s wishes.

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