• Special Purpose Hospitals

    Special Purpose Hospitals

    Many people today are quite well versed on most things medical, thanks mainly due to the barrage of publicity in newspapers, periodicals, magazines and of course the ubiquitous internet.

    Many are aware of advances in medical technology and invariably seek a hospital that has everything, mostly in the belief that a hospital that has everything must be the safest place to be even when their personal requirement is confined to very specific equipment and invariably very few procedure related medical equipment.

    Very few pay much attention to choosing a hospital that is best suited for their purpose. Most are ignorant of the distinct advantages of using a facility which is tailor made to minimize the risks of cross infection, provide a relaxed atmosphere and employs nursing staff, purpose trained and with a wealth of hands on experience in their specialty in which they have engaged day in day out for years. How does one make a choice? It is actually a matter of common sense. You draw a line of balance which gives you all the equipment you may need for your procedure, the nursing care that has the most experience in the required field and the place you feel most comfortable and relaxed in because psychological peace of mind is always conducive to avoiding stress. Last but not least is the cost. Ask blunt questions about what the total hospital charges are. Ask your doctor what the total consultants’ and assisting specialist’s charges are because you will pay this in addition to the hospital charges.

    People often refer to the total bill as hospital charges when in fact bills are issued with separate totals for hospital charges, including house officer and nursing charges, and the detailed charges of all the other outside consultants engaged in the procedure are shown separately.

    Your doctor can give you an idea of what those charges are. The last and best thing you can do for yourself, especially if you are expecting a baby is to visit the hospital of your choice. A baby is born once. Gift your baby a beautiful birthplace.

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  • Posted by ICK YOO(Mr) on December 12, 2016, 4:07 am

    Dear Joseph Fraser Hospital staffs,

    Greetings from South Korea. My name is Ick Yoo.

    Now I am considering to take overseas duties at Sri Lanka country office of my agency with my pregnant wife.

    In this regards, I would like ask you about some detailed information on maternity services from your hospital.

    First, do you practice nartual birthing methodology, so-called hypnobirthing?

    I and my wife really don’t want to have any artificial practices during delivery.

    Second, how much is the cost for birthing and stay before & after delivery for 1 day?

    Third, do foreigners visit often to your hospital?

    Many thanks and best regards,


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  • Posted by Madeline Bellew on February 12, 2018, 2:40 pm

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